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Crime of the Week

8/17/2016 - Fort Mill Fraudulent Credit Card
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On Saturday, August 6, 2016, at 3:30 pm, the above pictured suspect used a fraudulent credit card to purchase 3 - $100 Visa gift cards and a greeting card at Harris Teeter, 867 Stockbridge Dr., Fort Mill, SC.

The suspect is described as a Black Female approx.. 5’6”-5’9”; 200-230 lbs.; Black hair with ends dyed bright red; Wearing a dark in color top with gray “yoga” style pants, and black tennis shoes with a white sole

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8/16/2016 - Purse Theft & Card Fraud
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On August 14th Rock Hill Police are looking for two people in connection with stealing a purse from Kates Skating Rink and then decided to help themselves to the money in the victim’s bank account.  

The man and woman used the cards at the Rock Hill Walmart – Foot Action – Dollar General – American Eagle – and a BP gas Station in Richburg SC for a total of more than $478. 


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8/2/2016 - Follow the trail of fake cash
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On July 13th Rock Hill Officers were called to the Sam’s Mart at 1700 block of Saluda Street. The Store manager found the bill after shift change. 

Later on the 13th the same trio of what appears to be teenaged male suspects used another fake 20 to buy a dollars’ worth of food at Taco Bell off Heckle Blvd.

Then 5 days later on Neely’s Store Road Deputies were called to the Village Market near the corner of Reservation and Neely’s Store Rd for another fake 20 dollar bill with the same serial number of the bill used in Rock Hill.

Click to Enlarge SuspectClick to Enlarge Suspect

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7/29/2016 - Vending Machine Theives
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These three suspects are believed to have broken into a vending machine at Evans Auto Sales, located at 5411 Wylie Avenue, Hickory Grove, SC - Also Clover PD has charges for theft and vandalism believed to be the same group of suspects.

Click to Enlarge SuspectClick to Enlarge Suspect2Click to Enlarge Suspect Vehicle

If you can ID these people click SOLVE THIS CRIME

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7/21/2016 - Metal Theft
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On July 20th 2016 Rock Hill Police investigated a metal theft from a home on Oates Street.  Suspects stole Brass and Copper from the following areas in the home: Floor Heater, Sinks and shower fixtures in the bathrooms, A/C Unit, bathroom toilet and the pedals from the piano.  The thieves caused more than $2,000 worth of damage.

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7/13/2016 - Warehouse Burglary
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May 29th 2016 what is believed to be two suspects tried to pry the door open at the Johnstone Supply Warehouse on Mt Gallant Rd. in Rock Hill. 

When the door wouldn’t open a suspect then used a fork lift in an attempt to break down a brick wall to gain access to the building. After the suspects realized that wouldn’t work, they broke in through a window.

Then the duo stole 40 bottles of refrigerant worth $500 after they caused about $1200 worth of damage.

This crime is featured on July 13th Wanted Wednesday

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7/6/2016 - Fort Mill Sam`s Mart Armed Robbery
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The Fort Mill Police Department is looking for this armed robbery suspect.  On July 6th just before 12:30 am the person in the photograph robbed the Sam’s Mart Gas station at 810 Tom Hall Street. 

The suspect robbed the clerk at gun point and is described as a black male 5 feet 4 inches tall and skinny.

If you have any information about this crime or know who this person is call Crime Stoppers at 1-877-409-4321 or click SOLVE THIS CRIME.

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6/22/2016 - Stolen ATV
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This 4-Wheeler (pictured) was stolen from a home on Edgefield Rd in York. It was stolen sometime between June 15 & 16.

It is an 1999 Kawasaki Bayou Hunter Green in color; Custom lights for off-road. If you have any information call ?#?CrimeStoppers? at 1-877-409-4321 or the YCSO at 803-628-3059.
Click to Enlarge Stolen ATV

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6/20/2016 - Lake Wylie CVS Shoplifters
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On June 13th 2016 at the CVS on Charlotte Hwy two unknown white males entered the store and removed several items from the shelf concealed the items in their clothing and left the store without paying for the items.

The items were two containers of Alli refill valued at $75 each and two containers of Flonase valued at $25 each. If you know who these people are please call Crime Stoppers of York County at 1-877-409-4321 or click SOLVE THIS CRIME

Click to Enlarge Suspect1

Click to Enlarge Suspects

VIDEO: Lake Wylie CVS Shoplifters

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6/17/2016 - Smile you`re on Crime Stoppers
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NEED TO ID: This person is the suspect in a theft from a change machine at a business 1200 block of Mt Gallant Rd in Rock Hill.

The suspect stole $300 from the machine.

If you know who this person is please call Crime Stoppers of York County at 1-877-409-4321 or the YCSO at 803-628-3059.

Click to Enlarge Suspect

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