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Crime of the Week

11/23/2016 - Debit Card Fraud Suspect
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The victim in this case was in town handling some affairs after his father’s death. As he was looking through the bank records he noticed some transactions made after his father had passed.  $3,267 worth of transactions The victim knew that he hadn’t used the card so he called the police.  

Detectives found one of the transactions took place at a liquor store off Main street in Rock Hill.  The suspect is a black male, in the photos wearing a white t-shirt and a necklace.

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11/16/2016 - Wireless Medics Burglary
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Can you ID these people? On Nov. 12th two people broke into the Wireless Medics store at 2000 Hwy160 in Fort Mill. The crew broke the glass of the front door by kicking it in then proceeded to steal more than $82,000 worth of Cell Phones and tablets. They caused $3,800 of damage to the door and display cases. Call 803-628-3059 or #CrimeStoppers 1-877-409-4321

Click to Enlarge Suspect 1Click to Enlarge Suspect 2

VIDEO: Wireless Medics Burglary

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11/15/2016 - Lowe`s Lake Wylie Shoplifting
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On November 3rd around 6-30 at night a man and a woman walked into the Lowes in Lake Wylie and headed straight for the Dewalt 6 piece cordless combo kits. 

They both grab a box and head for the exits. A heads up play by a customer who witnessed what was going on stopped the female and she dropped her box, but still ran out the store with the other suspect.   The two got into a white SUV possibly a Chevy Trail Blazer. Total loss to the store $600.

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11/9/2016 - Stolen Motorcycle
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Have you seen this motorcycle? On Oct. 27, 2016, this 2003 Suzuki GSX-R 600z Yellow and purple in color with an aftermarket exhaust pipe - was stolen between 6pm to 11pm from a home off Tools Ford Rd, Rock Hill, SC.

The victim states that the bike was under the car port at the incident location. The handle bars were locked & due to the locked handle bars and the inoperable brakes on the vehicle, it’s believed the bike was picked up and towed away somehow by the suspects.

If you know where this motorcycle is or have seen it call the YCSO at 803-628-3059 or #CrimeStoppers at 1-877-409-4321

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11/8/2016 - T-Mobile Rock Hill Burglary
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The T-Mobile store on Cinema Dr in Rock Hill was broken into around 3:15am on Nov. 7 2016. Suspects are seen on the video breaking into the store and stealing phones and tablets.

If you have any information related to this crime, contact RHPD at 803-329-5639, Crime Stoppers 1-877-409-4321 or click SOLVE THIS CRIME - case number 1611070219.

Click to Enlarge SuspectClick to Enlarge SuspectsClick to Enlarge Suspect

VIDEO: T-Mobile Burglary

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11/7/2016 - Catawba Express Armed Robbery
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On November 4th 2016, three suspects, believed to be black males entered the Catawba Express convenience store on Highway 5 in Catawba, SC & robbed the business of money.

One suspect had a handgun during the crime. The three suspects fled the area through the woods toward Cureton Ferry Road.

If you have any information about this crime you`re asked to call Crime Stoppers of York County at 1-877-409-4321 or click SOLVE THIS CRIME

VIDEO: Catawba Express Armed Robbery

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11/3/2016 - Burger King Armed Robbery
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Armed Robbery at the Burger King, located at 3400 Hwy 21, Fort Mill on Nov. 2nd.

There were two suspects both Black Males wearing masks over their faces. One armed with a handgun.

If anyone saw anything or has any information about this crime they are urged to call the YCSO at 803-628-3059 or #CrimeStoppers of York County at 1-877-409-4321.  Click images to enlarge. 

Click to Enlarge SuspectClick to Enlarge Suspect

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11/2/2016 - Fake money suspect
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NEED TO IDENTIFY: Rock Hill PD need assistance in identifying this person in the photo. This individual is suspected of passing counterfeit currency at the Marriot & the Hampton Inn on Tabor Dr. 

If you know who this is or have any information about this case call #CrimeStoppers at 1-877-409-4321 or click SOLVE THIS CRIME

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10/25/2016 - Lego Thief
Click to Enlarge

York Police Department Detectives need to ID a lego thief. On October 17th at the Walmart in York 3 unknown males walked into the store together. Two head for the electronics section the other wearing a red & black hoodie heads for the toys.

While on the toy isle he alters the UPC code on 4 larger boxes of legos by taking the UPC code stickers off the smaller less valuable boxes. The suspect spent only $51 whereas the actual amount should have been $316.

If you can ID this person or the people he was with please call #CrimeStoppers at 1-877-409-4321 or click solve this crime.

Click to Enlarge Three SuspectsClick to Enlarge Lego Suspect

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10/19/2016 - Repeat Victoria`s Secret Shoplifters
Click to Enlarge

October 17th 2016 - Another incident of shoplifting at the Victoria`s Secret at Galleria Mall. This looks to be the same group that targeted the store earlier this month.

Looks to be a group of males (1 dressed as a female). Suspect vehicle is a black Chevrolet Impala. This case is 1610170484. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-877-409-4321 or RHPD at 803-329-7205

Click to Enlarge Suspect Car

VIDEO: Repeat Shoplifters

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